Tony Kearon for Staffordshire PFCC

Update: Local and Mayoral Elections in England postponed until May 2021

Tony Kearon is standing in May 2021's election for Staffordshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner


My name is Tony Kearon, and I am asking for your support to help me to make Staffordshire safer for everyone.

I’m standing to be your Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in May 2021. I’m a Criminologist with over 20 years experience of working with police forces, fire and rescue services, local councils, criminal justice agencies, and in partnership with local community groups – all to make our communities safer and stronger.

I’ve worked to support victims of crime and communities blighted by anti-social behaviour, crime and vandalism. I’ve helped to develop real world solutions to keep young people out of trouble. I have a proven track record of helping to get local agencies and organisations working together to share funding, staff, information and resources to nip crime and anti-social behaviour in the bud and make our communities safer places to live, work and raise families. I have over twenty years experience of doing work which delivers safer communities and combats crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour. I’m the right person for the job!

I want to bring that experience and enthusiasm to the whole of Staffordshire, and I hope you will lend me your vote. I have the skills and experience to be a strong, effective and hard working commissioner, fighting for ALL communities in Staffordshire. We all deserve to live in safer communities - a vote for me will give you a commissioner who will listen to you, take your concerns seriously and work with you to make our communities safer.

Tony's Plan for a Safer Staffordshire for All

  • A visible Police presence in every community - I will invest in community policing, to reassure residents and deter crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • More Police officers for Staffordshire - the Government has promised to recruit an extra 20,000 officers over the next 3 years, but that won’t even replace the officers who have left since 2010, or those that will retire over the next 3 years. I will fight for a fair share of the new officers for Staffordshire, and for a real terms increase in the number of warranted officers for Staffordshire.
  • More powers for PCSOs - too many residents and PCSOs themselves are telling me that when dealing with issues ranging from parking to anti-social behaviour, PCSOs are hampered by a lack of powers. PCSOs should never replace police officers, but they do need the right powers to do their job effectively.
  • Making our town centres safe again - across Staffordshire, residents feel more and more reluctant to visit their local town centres because of angry and aggressive people, sometimes with mental health issues and often under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I will work with Councils, businesses, Police, the NHS, local homelessness charities and other partners to tackle these problems for good.
  • Investing in prevention and early intervention - I have worked with victims of crime and communities blighted by crime, vandalism, arson and anti-social behaviour. One thing they all have in common is that they wished it hadn’t happened in the first place. Police and Fire and Rescue Services can't fix everything - I will work with Councils, Schools, communities, charities, the NHS and other partners to provide early help, support and prevention, to nip things in the bud, and to make our communities feel safer.
  • Supporting Firefighters to deal with floods - As our environment changes we need to be ready to deal with growing flood risks across Staffordshire. I will campaign for our Fire and Rescue Service to be given a statutory duty to respond to flooding, along with the extra training and equipment to deal with floods.
  • A fair deal for the Fire and Rescue Service - like our Police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service needs investment in equipment, staff and training. I’ll fight for that investment so that we have the Fire and Res- cue service that we need, and that our taxes ALREADY pay for.
  • Our Police and Fire Services: strong partners, proudly independent - Police and Fire and Rescue Services in Staffordshire have a long and proud tradition of working together as partners to keep us safe, and we need to support and build on that partnership. But I will make sure that the two services remain 100% operationally independent, and that the humanitarian role of our Fire Service never becomes blurred with policing.
  • Investing in support staff - over the last 10 years essential civilian staff, from 999 and 101 call handlers to forensic science staff, have been cut back. We need to invest in this essential support, to deliver a better service and to free up frontline staff to get on with their jobs keeping us safe.
  • Fairer funding for Staffordshire - Staffordshire residents pay a huge amount of tax to the Government in Westminster, but less and less of our money is coming back to Staffordshire to fund our local services. I will fight for a fair share of the tax we ALREADY pay to come back to Staffordshire to fund our essential services.
  • Getting the most out of public money - Every Council and public-sector organisation in Staffordshire is spending public money. I will use my 20+ years experience of getting organisations to work as partners and make sure that everybody is collaborating and communicating - sharing information, knowledge and funds to get things done quickly and effectively for our communities.

“Lend me your vote and I will deliver better Police, Fire & Rescue services, wherever you live in our great County!”

If you would like to contact Tony, you can do so via our contact form. You can also follow the campaign and contact Tony via facebook.