Labour National Policy Forum - Consultation 2018

Labour's National Policy Forum is, in it's 2018 Consultation, seeking the views, experience and expertise of members on eight key policy areas. This NPF Consultation will play a vital part in shaping policies that build on The Labour Party's 2017 General Election Manifesto.

Stafford Constituency Labour Party and it's Campaign Groups will actively review the key policy areas (listed below) at future meetings. All members of the Labour Party are encouraged to take part in the consultation. The key policy areas are:

All of the above bullet points are clickable links, which you can use to download the NPF Consultation 2018 documents.

Stafford Labour members are more than welcome to review the consultation documents and make their views and expertise known, either via their local Campaign Group, via the next General CLP Meeting or electronically via the contact form. Please include your Labour membership number if using the contact form.

As a CLP, we would also welcome opinions submitted via the website from members of the public.

The CLP recently selected a regional National Policy Forum representative, Anne Hobbs. Ann will be collating consultation submissions made via the CLP and it's Campaign Groups.

Labour National Policy Forum Consultation 2018

The NPF Consultation 2018 has already generated a great deal of discussion and useful critique from members. Feedback we've already received on the "Towards a National Education Service" consultation paper highlights how "the document was overly focused on seeing education as about meeting the needs of the economy and producing a 'workforce' rather than the needs of people/society". This consultation is important for the Labour Party in shaping not only future policy, but very probably the future of Britain. Jeremy Corbyn is serious when he says wants Labour Party members to be involved.

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