General Election 2019 - Thank you for Supporting Labour

Stafford CLP Chair, Julie Read, thanks those in Stafford who voted Labour in December 2019

I write as Chair of Stafford Constituency Labour Party to thank each of the 15,615 people across the constituency who voted for Labour at the recent General Election. Joyce Still contested the seat on behalf of the Labour Party and many people voted in support of Joyce and in support of a manifesto that seeks to end austerity, tackles homelessness and addresses the urgent climate change threat with a plan for a Green industrial revolution.

Following the GE local Labour Party members shared their views on the future direction of party – we want to renew our activism and support for real change that benefits people every day not faceless corporations – we won't lie down in defeat! If you voted for change, all is not lost, join the Labour party and come to our local meetings held in the first week of each month - Labour Party membership costs from about £2.21 a month. For more information, contact us via the website.

Why not help us hold our MP, Theo Clarke and Conservative-led local authorities to account? Push for the restoration of 24-hour A&E and other vital services at County Hospital - highlight the importance of fully funded public services and Local Authorities and a sustainably regenerated Stafford Town Centre. Help us ensure that Stafford and its surrounding areas are not sold short by the Conservatives! During the campaign people were enthused by the transformational change offered by the Labour manifesto, so many young people engaged in the democratic process across the constituency, it was wonderful to see. But our democracy should work for us every day not just every four years – this is democracy in action. Join us to make sure it happens in Stafford.

Joyce Still on the campaign trail in stafford

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