Join Labour

Are you interested in fighting for equality and social justice? Are you compassionate towards those suffering at the hands of austerity? Maybe you are angry at the treatment of our NHS? Or concerned about cuts to education, social care and other vital local services? Then perhaps the Labour Party is for you.

The Labour Party does not rely on a small number of wealthy donors keen to maintain influence and power in order to further their own ends. Instead we depend on the subscriptions and generosity of our members, affiliate members and supporters. We are a party of the people, for the people.

Equally important is the time Labour party members and supporters dedicate to shaping party policy, raising awareness of key issues and campaigning.

Joining the Labour Party will give you the opportunity to attend local meetings and shape Labour Party policies, participate in campaigns, even become a candidate. In addition, there are a number of active and growing sections within the local party including Women's Forum, Young Labour, LGBT and BAME. As a Labour Party member, resident in Stafford County Constituency, you will also be able to take part in our new on-line forum. Most importantly, your membership will give you the opportunity to converse and socialise with a diverse group of like minded people who share the same principles - equality, social justice and compassion.

Stafford Constituency Labour Party is an active CLP with over 700 members and well attended local meetings. If you would like to get involved, you can join for just £4 per calendar month. Or, less if you are under 26, retired or already a member of an affiliated trade union.

Shortly after joining you will receive a welcome pack from the Labour Party which should be followed by an introductory email with details of the next CLP meeting from their local constituency or branch Labour Party.

For more details on pricing and to apply for membership, visit

If you'd like more information, then feel free to contact us.