About Us

Stafford Constituency Labour Party is a 700-strong member organisation working within the boundaries of Stafford Constituency. Together, we work to help fight austerity, raise awareness of local issues, run campaigns and support the national Labour Party.

During the 2017 General Election, we ran a sophisticated campaign in support of the then Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Stafford, David Williams. David since went on to become a Councillor for the Stoke Ward of Little Chell and Stanfield.

Having successfully gained 4 seats in the Stafford Borough Council Elections earlier this year, we now turn our attention toward the 2019 General Election. This represents a real opportunity for voters in Stafford to elect a Labour MP. Joyce Still is the Labour Candidate for the General Election. Joyce is striving to be a voice for Stafford in Westminster, willing to fight for the improvements and inward investment Stafford desperately needs, in order to bring about security, opportunity and prosperity for future generations.

You can read more about Joyce Still and how Labour's policies could really make a difference to Stafford on Joyce's website.

The CLP itself holds monthly general meetings to which all members are encouraged to attend. Visitors are always welcome. In addition to those, we run various social events, fundraising activities and campaign days.

Stafford Constituency

The Stafford constituency comprises the southerly part of the "Borough of Stafford" including the town itself and the northern part of "District of South Staffordshire".

The Borough of Stafford wards within the constituency are Baswich, Common, Coton, Doxey, Forebridge, Haywood and Hixon, Highfields and Western Downs, Holmcroft, Littleworth, Manor, Milford, Penkside, Rowley, Seighford and Weeping Cross.

District of South Staffordshire wards included within the constituency are Penkridge North East and Acton Trussell, Penkridge South East, Penkridge West, and Wheaton Aston, Bishopswood and Lapley.

Executive and Non-Excutive Officers

The CLP has a yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) where officers and co-ordinators are elected onto the Executive Committee. The executive oversees the day-to-day running of the party. The CLP has regular open executive meetings which are currently open to all members.

The positions on the executive include:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Vice Chair - Membership
  • Treasurer
  • Womens Officer
  • Youth Officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • LGBT Officer
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Education Coordinator
  • Press Coordinator
  • Comms Coordinator
  • IT Coordinator

Local Campaign Forum

The campaign forum's main task is the training and inital selection of candidates in local elections. Local campaign forum delegates are elected annually during the CLP's AGM.


The sections within the party are intended to help ensure that certain groups of people are well represented, both in local and national government. Additionally, these groups help to ensure that issues particularly affecting certain groups in society are not overlooked. Our active sections include:

  • Women's Forum
  • LGBT
  • Young Labour
  • BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic)

Each section has its own elected officer serving on the Executive, regular meetings and a dedicated board within our on-line forum. The sections regularly get involved with campaigns and initiatives to ensure fairer representation and injustice affecting their members.



There are four geographically based branches within the Constituency, each comprising a number of local wards. The branches meet regularly hosting talks, holding debates and spearheading campaign initiatives. Each group also has a dedicated board on the Stafford Labour on-line forum.

Stafford West

  • Highfields and Western Downs
  • Manor
  • Penkside
  • Rowley
  • Seighford and Church Eaton (northern parishes)

Stafford North

  • Coton
  • Doxey and Castletown
  • Forebridge
  • Holmcroft
  • Stafford Common

Stafford East

  • Baswich
  • Hixon and Haywood
  • Littleworth
  • Milford
  • Milwich (southern parishes)
  • Weeping Cross


  • Penkridge North East and Acton Trussell
  • Penkridge South East
  • Penkridge West
  • Wheaton Aston, Bishops Wood and Lapley

If you are still uncertain as to which is your local branch, or you would like details of the next meeting, then don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide the requested information.

Further Information

If you'd like to learn more about your local Labour party, why not look us up on facebook and/or Twitter?